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By downloading and/or using vwar you agree to the license below.

attention Virtual War is not opensource in terms of GPL or any other common license


General License Agreements

  • The provided scripts may only be distributed by the 'Virtual War'-Team
  • The use of the script is free for private use as long as the copyright notice remains untouched
    (Exceptions: see below)
  • For commercial use please contact us
  • The redistribution of modified scripts without the owners permission is prohibited
  • The 'Virtual War'-Team isn't liable for damages done by the provided scripts in all ways
  • The 'Virtual War'-Team isn't responsible for any contents of the script used on other sites
  • You agree to the licence terms automatically if you download and/or use our script
  • We reserve ourselves further steps, if you offend against any of the license terms


The modification of the copyright notice in form and contents is not permissible in principle.
Exception is a misalignment of the notice into the footer or navigation area of your site.
The note can be attached there, if it is modified neither in form, structure and contents.
A use of the copyright notice in graphical form is permissible only in exceptional cases and requires previous arrangement.
Please contact the 'Virtual War'-Team if obscurities will appear.